What’s it like?

As drop-in format, players mix and match on double matches throughout the evening based on skill levels. Games are played up to 21 points, and matches with multiple games back-to-back are acceptable so long as there is no one waiting to play.

Club official may sometimes ask that games be played to 15 points to allow quicker rotation (usually when there are 5 or more people waiting). When there are 9 or more people waiting, club official may initiate the Court Queuing System. As the evening goes on sometimes courts might become available for single matches.


Most players prefer plastic birdies that are supplied, but we do encourage the use of feather shuttlecocks for mid-to-advance level games, as they are the standard at tournaments. We recommend novice players to play with plastic shuttlecocks. You are of course welcomed to use your own birds as well.

We play a selection of fun party music mix to keep energy high throughout your workout. You are also welcome to share your favourite playlist with everyone.

We appreciate anyone who can help set up and tear down the nets at the beginning and end of each session. It’s all about fostering a sense of community and overall good sportsmanship.

Some participants may organize impromptu late night dinner afterwards.