Court Queuing System

When there are 9 or more people waiting to play, we may implement our special court queuing system so that everyone will have fairer access to courts.

How it works:


  1. When the court queuing system is in effect, a signage will be posted at each of the four courts indicating a playing card suit (heart , club , diamond , spade ).
  2. Metal baskets each with 4 cards of the same suit corresponding to the court will be placed at the net standards.
  3. To get in the queue, pick up a card from the basket at the court you are waiting on. For example, if you want to wait for the diamond  court, pick up a diamond card. The card rank does not matter.
  4. If there is no card in the basket, it means there are already 4 people waiting for that court the next rotation. Try looking for a card at another court.
  5. You are free to roam around and socialize while waiting. Just be mindful of the suit you’ve picked up and watch when your court becomes available.
  6. When it’s your turn to play, return the card to the corresponding basket so others may get in queue.

Keep in mind:in-the-queue-14844

  • Card holder is entitled to play only at the court corresponding to the suit of the card (s)he is holding.
  • You may trade cards with others, or give your card to someone else.
  • You may pick up cards for your partner and/or your chosen opponents to get a group in the queue.
  • Keep the card with you or with your racket while waiting. The card is your ticket to play.
  • Be sure to return the card to the corresponding basket/court.
  • There is no reserving or hoarding a card while playing
  • Losing a card means forfeiting your place in queue, and must notify the organizer for a replacement.

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