November Calendar




3 thoughts on “November Calendar

  1. Any chance you might switch locations to the other school at some point. Its closer to me.



    1. Hello, Our venue choices have been very narrow given we desire a central location with 3 or more courts, as well as consistent availability throughout the season. We are fortunate enough to have obtain renewal rights at Georges Vanier. Unless better venue opens up in the future (which is very unlikely due to most high schools blackout their evening rental dates), we will continue to go to Georges Vanier in the Fall season. We will switch to Stanley Jones in January, mainly because we have renewal rights there as well as Georges Vanier isn’t available. We will move to Father Lacombe in early March solely because we have personal connection to a staff member there as well as that school’s availability. Otherwise that school is not normally available through City of Calgary booking system.

      1. We have an update since this comment was made last November. We have managed to secure Georges Vanier for January to May as well, which means we will not go to Stanley Jones in the new year, and hopefully in the next several years. Depending on confirmation we may move to Father Lacombe from March to May.

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