2018 End-of-Season Newsletter

Hello Badminton Fans!

What a successful season we’ve had this year! Our numbers continued to grow throughout the season reaching just under 100 of us. We had an average attendance of just under 26 players each week. The club is also doing much better financially this year thanks to all your support simply by participating. So yes, we’ll be back in the fall for another smashing badminton season!

We are qualified to renew our bookings at Georges Vanier School in the fall of 2018. As such we will be returning to the Inner City northeast venue for 16 weeks starting September 11. Details and calendars will be posted in early September.

Go Lasers!
Congratulation to the Father Lacombe badminton City Finalists! As you might be aware, for 12 weeks that Apollo Badminton hosted drop-ins at the school, our club donated $5/person to support the school’s badminton club. We are proud to support the growth of the sport of badminton in our local youth community. We also thank Meno O. for making this successful arrangement possible at his school.


SPUDFundraising_Graphic_Greens Box.jpegSupport
We are always looking for ways to keep user fees low and keeping Apollo Badminton a sustainable program. Check out some easy ways to support us financially. We’ve recently partnered up with Spud.ca who have added us as one of the fundraisers. Each qualifying order will contribute to our program. If you are into online shopping, why not give them a try?

We thank those of you that are spreading the word and have been bringing new friends to join us. We are very grateful to those who have been supporting us in ways large and small.

Western Cup
As we continue to consider the feasibility of hosting a Western Cup badminton tournament during Easter Weekend in 2019, we will be gathering feedback throughout the beginning of the season. So do let the organizers know if you are interested in participating if one is being held.

Volunteering opportunity
One of the major determining factors will be the amount of volunteers available to put on the event. Do let us know if you are interested in helping out with Apollo Badminton in the upcoming season, in general or at a Western Cup tournament. With enough commitment it may be possible to grow the club into an official non-profit society registration, which will allow us greater access to corporate and public funding.

Happy smashing, and see you in September,
Apollo Badminton

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