2018 Winter Venue Announcement


We are somewhat thrilled to have secured an anchor venue for the winter/spring months. Awaiting for us between January 16 and the end of May are 18 weeks of badminton action!

We are fortunate that our venue — Stanley Jones School — is in the Inner City NE neighbourhood of Renfrew, which is even closer to downtown.  We are, however, lukewarm towards this historic school because it contains only three badminton courts. Also we have been denied use of the school badminton nets. The silver lining is that this venue is available consistently for four and a half months except for 2 weeks of spring break.

Rest assure that Apollo Badminton owns a set of nets, and we are currently seeking an alternative venue for the latter months of the semester. We will also look into hosting more discount events and free days to compensate for the smaller venue.

See Play for the full address and direction, and keep an eye on the calendar or announcements for any venue changes.


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