Fall 2017 Midterm Newsletter

Hello Badminton Fans!

We are just midway through what has been so-far a successful fall semester, with average attendance at around 25 players each week. This is more than twice the number last year! Building on this success, we are working on a few things behind the scene:

20170912We have received many feedback and suggestions about the current venue. While the location receives a high score, our numbers may grow to the point where a bigger venue is necessary. Given the current City of Calgary booking policies, our booking — though consistent — is not eligible for renewal rights. As such our current venue is not “permanently” secured. New booking, thus, must be made every season. Consistent availability, location, booking cost, and user fee remain key factors as we consider other venue possibilities outside of the City’s booking system. Meanwhile, booking application for Georges Vanier will be due at the end of November in our bid to secure the same venue for January to May 2018.

in-the-queue-14844Court Queuing
With limited court space and growing attendance, at most sessions games are only played to 15 points to allow quicker rotation. At times it is even necessary to implement a queuing system so that everyone will have fairer access to play. We are currently experimenting with a new Court Queuing System. It is only initiated when there are 9 or more people waiting. We ask that our participants observe the system when in place and give it a try. We welcome feedback and suggestions as we look for ways to improve the Apollo Badminton experience.

Ways to pay
Many of you are taking advantage of the new drop-in package fee structure this year. If you haven’t and have been attending on a regular basis, why not consider one of the pre-paid packages? Not only do you get to save up to $2 per session, but there is also no more carrying cash each time. Packages are transferable, shareable, and valid until the end of the season in May. Don’t have the cash to purchase a package? Enjoy the convenience of etransfer / email money to bdmntnyyc @ gmail . com

Get Social
One of the unique aspects of our club that participants look forward to is socialization. There are group(s) that go out to have food and/or drinks after the game. Invitation is always open to these impromptu gatherings, so please feel free to join.

We are always looking for ways to keep user fees low and keep Apollo Badminton a sustainable program. Check out some easy ways to support us financially, and we are always looking for sponsors that are interested in our program. Direct sponsorship and/or swag giveaways are excellent ways to promote your business. Contact the organizer for details on a sponsor partnership.

Yet the biggest support you can give is to help us grow. We thank those of you that are spreading the word and are already bringing new friends to join us each Tuesday. We hope to rebuild the player base and following that Apollo Badminton once enjoyed.

l_ee8f108dfeb21ce29bfa0c5fa5d9213dlululemon Shopping Event
Speaking of corporate support, lululemon Market Mall has extended an invitation to Apollo Badminton participants to an exclusive private shopping event on 12 November offering 30% off the entire purchase. RSVP is required to reserve your spot.

Western Cup
We are currently working on feasibility of hosting a Western Cup badminton tournament during Easter Weekend in 2018.  We should have a decision by mid-November. Meanwhile, let the organizers know if you are interested in participating if one is being held.

rbvagltzxykaq1hvaateqipldva733Holiday Social
With the success we enjoy this fall semester, it might be possible for us to host a Holiday Social. We will be looking for a common room access in a condo in the downtown, inner city area between 19 December and 1 January. Please get in touch with one of the organizers if you have such a place to offer.

New Name
We have been asked a lot about our club name. We continued to use “Apollo” mainly as a brand recognition when we resumed in 2016 after two years of hiatus. Since the restructuring of Apollo Calgary, we should, in fact, be using a different name now that we are operating independently. While there is no urgency at this point, a new name will be necessary if and when this venture moves toward non-profit registration. Any suggestion is welcomed.

Happy smashing, and see you next Tuesday,

Apollo Badminton


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